Customer-Specific Language Settings For Global Support & Expansion

by Adam Feber

Back in June, we released our new Language Settings, allowing merchants to translate customer-facing invoices into another language outside of English. 

Today we’re happy to take invoice localization to another level with the ability to create and set different languages for different customers in different parts of the world. 

To make it even more precise, we’ve built this enhancement around the concept of Locales, meaning you can now define region-specific languages for different dialects such as “Spanish-Spain” vs. “Spanish-Mexico.”

How It Works

When you’re setting up a new language in your Site’s Language Settings, you now have the option to associate it with a specific region which creates a Locale. There are no restrictions to how many languages or region-specific Locales you can add.

Once more than one language is created, you will define the global “Primary Language,” that will be used as the default for all customers. By editing a customer’s account details, you can set the desired Locale to override the default language. 

Existing merchants, learn more about configuring and using our new customer-specific Language Settings in our help documentation

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