Coupon codes. Discount codes. Promo codes. Whatever you want to call them, they can be a powerful growth lever for both B2B and B2C businesses. But sometimes improper use can lead to gamification and unanticipated discounts that cost your business money.

Our recent release gives merchants more control over how coupon codes can be redeemed. You can now restrict the use of coupon codes to only select products, components, and add-ons. Previously, any coupon code could be used on any product or component within a Product Family.

Use Cases:

  • If you have monthly and annual plans, you could offer different coupons for each such as $20 off the monthly plan or $100 off the annual plan.
  • For different product tiers, you can create a coupon that can only be used on certain products such as 20% off the Gold plan.
  • If you offer add-ons such as premium support, you can provide a discount only when that add-on is selected.

The use cases are expansive but the underlying concept remains the same—more control and flexibility on how coupon codes can be created and redeemed.

How To Configure:

When adding or editing coupons in Chargify’s interface, there are now settings to control “Product / Components Restrictions.”

  • Restricted coupons can only be configured when the “Limit discount (discount may not exceed total of the charges)” setting is enabled.
  • If no restrictions are enabled, the coupon code will work for any product or components in the Product Family.
  • You can restrict any coupon to multiple products and/or components.
  • If a customer attempts to redeem a restricted coupon for an inapplicable product or component, no discount will be applied.

If you use Chargify’s API, coupon restrictions can be set by including hashes of `restricted_products` and `restricted_components` with a value of either “true” or “false.” For example:

  "restricted_products": {
    "silver": false, 
    "gold": true

For more information on how to configure and use Chargify coupon codes, check out our documentation:

The subscription landscape is growing quickly, and businesses must constantly adapt to stay ahead of the curve. We hope this update opens the door for Chargify’s customers to experiment with new promotions and campaigns.