We had to pull some data this week for Visa (for good things!), and it hit us… our merchants are growing nicely!

Look at these top-line stats:

1,079,804 transactions (all types)
$27,900,000 to merchants ($3,184/hr)

2012 (projected)
2,423,982 transactions (all types)
$70,400,000 to merchants ($8,036/hr)

That makes us very happy!

Not because we make any money from their transactions or their revenue (we don’t!!!), but because good news for Chargify merchants is, well, just cool and it’s good news for Chargify.

When everyone (or at least most people) prosper, then everyone benefits. I love to see that.

Our base of merchants is growing nicely year-over-year AND our merchants are growing each of their businesses at an EVEN FASTER rate, which makes us happy to be a part of it.

Congrats, everyone!