Configuring Multiple Webhook Endpoints Now Available

by Adam Feber

Webhooks are an extremely important tool for many of our merchants. Configuring webhooks allows Chargify to “speak” to external tools/services by posting subscription and billing related events out when they happen. Thousands of integrations are driven by webhooks in Chargify.

Previously, you could add multiple webhook endpoints, but you could only configure webhooks events at a global level. In layman’s terms, whatever events you had enabled were sent to any endpoints you had enabled. Until now…

What’s new?

With this update, you can control what events are posted for every endpoint. So multiple endpoints  can receive different events…you’re in charge.


Why is this important?

The previous lack of granularity could potentially flood external systems with unnecessary events. We should know, we recently flooded Zapier with too many events. Most of these events did not need to be posted to Zapier, but they were needed for other webhook endpoints:


Many of our merchants have found themselves in similar situations, and we’re happy to have released a solution.

Do you have multiple webhook endpoints enabled?

If you’re one of the many with multiple webhook endpoints enabled, you can now go in and configure the events for each endpoint. By default, we kept the old global events enabled for all of your endpoints, but you can change that:

  • Visit the Settings tab of your site
  • Click on the Webhooks section in the left menu
  • Use the Actions dropdown for each webhook endpoint to Edit
  • Select and deselect the desired events for that one endpoint
  • Save and continue until all the endpoints are only receiving the events they need
  • Celebrate!


For more information about enabling and configuring webhooks in Chargify, check out our webhooks documentation.

As always, if you have any questions, email and our awesome support team can assist you.

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