AUGUST 2018 IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Chargify team took ownership of the integration and migrated it to the Zendesk Apps Framework v2. The integration below has been deprecated and the new and improved integration is available through the Zendesk App Marketplace. Check up the updated release note here

EARLY 2018 UPDATE: This package supports Zendesk Apps Framework v1, which is currently in an end-of-life process. The integration will no longer work for anyone trying to install it post August 1, 2017. The creators plan to migrate the integration to the Zendesk Apps Framework v2 but have not provided a timeline. If you would like to contribute to the update, here is the open Github issue.  

We’re happy to announce that Chargify customer and friends over at Earth Class Mail have built an amazing Chargify Zendesk integration. If you use Chargify and Zendesk, this integration will save you a ton of time and help you provide quicker, better support. As an added bonus, it’s free to use and open source so anyone can contribute to expand the functionality!

The Problem:

Chargify’s interface provides a powerful tool for support teams because it allows support staff to quickly view subscription information, billing history, change plans, apply coupons/discounts, process refunds, and more.

But Chargify is no replacement for a support ticketing system like Zendesk. Earth Class Mail observed that “our own team members were switching between Chargify and Zendesk dozens, if not hundreds, of times everyday.”


If we eliminate the need to switch between Zendesk and Chargify, then our team members would be more productive and be able to provide better service to customers.
Steven Maguire, VP of Tech at Earth Class Mail


Earth Class Mail set out to solve this issue by building an integration that would eliminate the need to switch between the two tools as often…

The Solution:

“Whenever a Zendesk agent is viewing a customer profile or ticket, we want to use the email address associated with that customer or ticket to display customer and subscription records from within Chargify,” explains Earth Class Mail.

The resulting Chargify Zendesk integration allows your team to do just that – access Chargify subscription data from within Zendesk:

chargify zendesk integration

  • If no Chargify customer records are returned, you’ll simply see a “No customer data could be found.” message.
  • If multiple customer records or subscriptions are detected using the Zendesk email, the UI will display a menu to select the desired Chargify record.
  • Both the Customer ID and Subscription ID are hyperlinked to take you directly to the appropriate Chargify record. This is helpful if you need to view additional subscription information or take action like change a plan or apply a discount.

At Chargify, we use Zendesk for support tickets and immediately installed the application – It. Is. Awesome.

How To Install:

Currently, the app is not available in the Zendesk App Marketplace, but you can install it in a matter of minutes as a private app:

  1. Download the latest app package here
  2. Go to your Zendesk Apps Management Screen and click on “Upload private app”
  3. Enter the name of the app – “Chargify” is recommended
  4. Choose the zip file downloaded in step 1 and click “Upload”
  5. Approve the terms and conditions by clicking “Upload” again
  6. Enter your Chargify API key and Chargify subdomain
  7. Click “Install”

For more detailed installation instructions (with screenshots), visit:

How To Contribute:

As an open source project, anyone is welcome to contribute and make it even more powerful!

While the integration is great, Earth Class Mail stated that it is still a minimum viable product with “plenty of room for improvement.”

Some of the suggested improvements include:

  • Add client side caching to reduce API traffic to Chargify’s API
  • Add nested detail views for things like Subscription Statements, Subscription Invoices, etc.
  • Add some update operations to push data into Chargify’s API
  • Add the project to the Zendesk App Marketplace
  • Minor enhancements designed to get novice engineers involved in open source; look for the “first-timers-only” label in the issues.

If you’re interested in the app development process, check out this post. If you’re interested in contributing to the project, check out the GitHub repository and file.

A special thanks to Steven Maguire, VP of Tech @ Earth Class Mail, and the entire Earth Class Mail team for making this happen and providing it to all Chargify merchants!