Development and the private beta of Chargify is proceeding rapidly and we’re getting great feedback from lots of our beta testers.

Recently, we’ve released a few major updates and we plan to release another major update by the end of the week. This update includes, among other things, access to all of your product information via our API which has been one of our most requested features.

A big thanks goes out of the beta users we currently have, because we’ve been getting some super great feedback that we’ve turned directly into new features.

A bunch of you have asked to look at our API documentation before being accepted into the private beta. All of our documentation is freely available on our support site. Our documentation is a combination of Cucumber features and written documentation we’ve generated over the last few weeks. We are looking at exposing more of our Cucumber features in a more useful way for developers.

If you haven’t been accepted into the private beta yet, fret not. Once we push out our next update, we’ll be letting a whole gaggle more users in (in a first come first served order). We expect to fully open up the beta for everyone in the next 30-45 days.