A lot of great companies are teaming up with Chargify to make our product even better, and to give our merchants even more flexibility with their apps and billing systems.  Check out all of our third party integrations below, and be sure to check our Partner Ecosystem page, as the list keeps growing!


A few weeks ago, we teamed up with Zferral, which allows Chargify customers to easily create affiliate programs for recurring payment applications with ease.  Chargify makes the recurring billing o f their customers easy and Zferral does the same for affiliate management and payments.

With this integration, Chargify reports on revenue for signups and renewals.  This integration also eliminates the time and effort required to operate an affiliate program, and makes it extremely simple to reward the people referring others to your services.


Last August, Formstack announced that it had switched its billing system from something they had built themselves to Chargify.  Chargify’s integration with Formstack provides a seamless way for businesses to manage recurring payments from their customers.

Formstack users can now use Chargify with a Formstack web form to create recurring online payments, collect membership and subscription payments, and even accept coupons.


Back in December, Wufoo announced its integration with Chargify.  This integration gives Wufoo’s customers access to advanced recurring billing capabilities right from their Wufoo forms.

As in the integration with Formstack, Chargify will handle everything from subscriptions to dunning to email notifications.  Chargify gives Wufoo users flexibility they didn’t have before when configuring their recurring subscriptions.


Chargify also teamed up with Heroku to make it super simple to add Chargify recurring billing functions to their apps that run on Heroku’s platform..  Let Chargify manage the recurring billing aspects of your business and customer signups, while using the Chargify API or Hosted Pages to integrate with your apps.


GeckoFuel has created a widget for the Geckoboard business dashboard. Their new widget displays your Chargify daily, month-to-date and year-to-date revenues.  Adding the Chargify widget is simple and you can do it right from your Geckoboard dashboard!

Max OSX Dashboard Widget!

As of this week, we now have a Mac OSX widget for those Mac users out there!  One of our very own developers, Douglas Roberston, created this and it’s pretty cool!  Simply by adding the widget to your Mac dashboard, you can be in the know with the most up to date stats on your Chargify subscriptions and revenue.

Want more information on these integrations? Check out the resources below:

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