Note: As of January 2016 the Chargify app for Shopify is no longer available. Existing installations will continue to be supported but no new sites can be configured. For integrating Chargify with Shopify, please check out

Shopify is the leading choice to manage your ecommerce store. They’ve been around for many years and they have over 30,000 merchants running on their platform. And if you’re part of the Ruby on Rails community, you know they play a special role.

And, of course, Chargify is the leading choice to manage a recurring revenue business!

Some of you already use both services side by side, so we got together with Shopify to make this even easier.

The new Chargify app in the Shopify App Store gets you up and running quickly. It assumes you already have a Shopify store and you want to add recurring products.

New Chargify/Shopify App does this…

  • Provisions a Site in Chargify
  • Allows you to create products in Chargify
  • Copies those products back to Shopify
  • Makes “Signup” buttons appear in your Shopify store for each recurring product
  • Manages/bills your recurring product customers in Chargify

Ecosystem will Grow

We know the ecosystem will grow around this, and we know there are a few rough edges to iron out:

  • You (the merchant) must use a different email address as your merchant contact info in Shopify and Chargify.
  • The app will create a new Site in Chargify, in which you’ll create your new recurring products. There’s no way to utilize products that you already have in an existing Chargify Site.
  • When Chargify renews/bills your customers for recurring products, that will not be reflected in Shopify… instead, Chargify will interact with your customer and you’ll know through Chargify via things like our daily summary email, activity feed, BCC emails of statements and receipts, etc.

We’ll improve the integration over time, PLUS we’ve already heard from top Shopify developers who are planning to build atop this.

As the ecosystem grows, Shopify and Chargify merchants will benefit from better and better solutions for almost any kind of business. That’s very exciting!

Watch the following 3-minute screencast. It’s fun, it has good music, and it gives you an overview of the app…