Kenect Saves 20+ Hours a Month with Chargify’s Salesforce Integration

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Kenect is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with customers. Their elegant, easy-to-use texting tools help thousands of companies across North America text customers, generate online reviews, gather leads from their websites, and collect payments. Kenect removes the need for online form fills and phone calls, bringing future customers what they really want: texting.

“Simple” is the name of the game for Kenect’s clients, however Kenect’s own internal sales process was anything but simple. Finance and billing had to spend hours in sales operations each month approving and reconciling deals. Kenect was in desperate need of a way to streamline their internal processes while providing their sales teams tools to help them close more deals. They also wanted to speed up their sales cycle without a heavy lift from the finance department.

Enter Chargify’s new and improved seamless integration with Salseforce. By integrating their Salesforce environment with Chargify, Kenect opened up a powerhouse of opportunities. Chargify’s new Salesforce integration improved the efficiency of Kenect’s sales, customer success, and support teams all while improving data integrity and reporting.

In all, because of this one, simple integration, Kenect has been able to save 20+ hours a month. Selling to new customers, updating and modifying current subscriptions, and resolving customer tickets is now so much easier with real-time data syncing from Chargify.

Increased Efficiency Among Customer-Facing Teams

Chargify’s latest integration with Salesforce has allowed Kenect to remove interruptions to their sales team’s workflows. In fact, they report that the added features now available to this team, like the offer link feature built right into this Chargify + Salesforce integration, have actually dramatically improved their sales process.

In the past, Kenect customer offers were created by the billing department and then approved by finance (or a mix of both) before getting sent back to the salesperson for delivery to the customer. Now, with the ability to send customers personalized offer links (which allow the customer to view their purchases online and enter their own payment information), Kenect’s salespeople have the ability to handle this process without any interference from billing or finance.

Not only does this new process shorten the sales cycle, but Kenect remains PCI compliant throughout the entire process.

But Kenect’s sales team aren’t the only ones enjoying the added benefits of the new Chargify + Salesforce integration. Customer success and support teams are also able to utilize the beauty of the added sync.

Prior to this integration, support teams had to contact Kenect’s billing department in order to get customer account information. However, because Chargify can now sync all relevant customer and subscription directly to Salesforce, Kenect’s customer success and support teams now have full access to real-time information. This has led to decreased wait times for customers as support teams resolve issues faster and provide quicker responses to questions about customer accounts.

Integrating Chargify and Salesforce has been a tremendous time saver. We have seen immediate benefits from our sales and customer success teams having one place to sell, modify, and change subscriptions on the fly. In addition, our billing department is no longer having to handle calls from support when a customer has questions. Our support teams have all the information they need in Salesforce, which equates to decreased wait times on resolving open tickets. – Ryan Williams, Controller

Improved Data Integrity: Chargify + Salesforce Integration Leads to One Source of Truth

Customers of Kenect reap impeccable results, with the average customer seeing a 260% increase in leads to their website, including a 6% increase in revenue in the first 12 months. As you can imagine, having such a wildly successful product has led to a rapidly growing customer base. More customers means more data to manage in-house. And since data hygiene is crucial for enabling Kenect’s executives to create effective strategies, the decision to integrate Salesforce and Chargify was a no brainer.

The new Chargify + Salesforce integration has led to cleaner reporting, making reconciling customer data between Salesforce and Chargify a snap. Prior to this integration, Kenect’s billing department had to manually download files from both Salesforce and Chargify in order to determine inaccuracies among customer data. Now, Kenect can easily and accurately track and view their customers being billed in a specific period, thanks to their ability to leverage powerful Salesforce reporting with data synced from Chargify.

Kenect is easily saving 20 to 40 hours a month alone because of the integration between Salesforce and Chargify. The reporting functionality has increased our confidence in reconciling our customers. In addition, I get peace of mind knowing we’re capturing the same data in both systems, leading to increased data integrity. – Ryan Williams, Controller

Chargify + Salesforce Increased Kenect’s Efficiency: Saving 20+ Hours a Month

The new Chargify + Salesforce integration has allowed Kenect to streamline their sales and support operations while providing cleaner reporting for their billing and finance departments. And the increased visibility of customer data has been paramount in improving customer satisfaction. Overall, Kenect has been able to realize a savings of 20-40 hours a month across the various stakeholders who are taking advantage of Salesforce to sell, modify, update, and gather information on customer subscription data.

Do you want to learn how your B2B SaaS organization can integrate your Salesforce and billing system to increase efficiency? Set up a call with a Chargify billing expert. We would love to help your business streamline operations, saving you time and money with our enhanced Salesforce integration.

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