UPDATE: For up-to-date information please visit our Data Export support documentation.

This is the first in a series of blog posts aimed at helping you to get the most out of the data available in Chargify.

Within Chargify, you can easily export your product, customer, subscription, and transaction data for any site at any time. These exports can be used to filter, sort, graph, and slice and dice your way to answering mission critical question related to customers, revenue, and the overall health of your company. Below, we’ll cover the basics of exporting your data into a comma-separated value (CSV) file format that can be used for further analysis.

Subscription and transaction data can be filtered prior to exporting the data. The subscription data includes the following fields:


Subscription ID  Current period end date
Customer ID  Next assessment date (if applicable)
Customer reference (provided by merchant)  Trial start date (if applicable)
Customer name  Trial end date (if applicable)
Customer email  Subscription expiration date (if applicable)
Subscription state  Subscription cancellation date (if applicable)
Product ID  Current subscription balance
Product name  Subscription revenue to date
Product recurring price  Customer billing city
Product recurring interval  Customer billing state
Product recurring interval unit  Customer billing zip/postal code
Coupon applied  Customer billing country
Subscription creation date  Subscriber’s organization
Current period start date  Estimated renewal amount (in cents)


The estimated renewal/next billing amount is not included by default, however you can enable it under the Settings tab:


Prior to export, you can filter by product, product version, subscription status, or search term:



Once you have downloaded the file, you can open it with any spreadsheet software and manipulate the data by sorting and filtering columns. You can hide or delete columns or rows which you do not want to display.

In the example below, the export CSV was used to calculate the total revenue and estimated next billing amount for all active subscribers on a test site:


You can use the exported data to create a number of basic reports in addition to the example above. Below are some common reporting ideas:

  • Past due or canceled subscriptions
  • Subscriptions by product
  • Subscriptions by state or country
  • Subscriptions by total revenue
  • Subscription by cancellation date

Each of these reports can help you manage a different aspect of your recurring revenue business such as how to reduce churn by identifying characteristics of canceled customers or enhancing your dunning procedures to shorten the time a customer’s account is past due.

Please let us know if we can help with these data exports by contacting Chargify support at support@chargify.com or by calling (800) 401-2414 or +1-617-249-4603 if you are outside of the US or Canada.

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in future reporting post, please let us know in the comments below.