Over 600 companies depend on Chargify to help manage their business every day!

From established companies like Get Satisfaction and Scribd, to startups like Jungl.me and DNSimple.

But we only hear from a fraction of our customers because most just sign up and get going… that’s the only “downside” of a great SaaS offering: if it’s easy to use, most customers don’t need us grin

But we do hear from some, and this blog post gives a sample of what they say and who they are!

A few Tweets

    • From @joshbob“I can’t lie, @chargify is one of my favorite companies to do business with. They’re top shelf.”


    • From @cdmwebs“If you’re doing SaaS and not using Chargify, go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot. These guys know what’s up.”


    • From @scdunn “Why we chose Chargify for our billing service for Zobuno: Blog Post(Great blog post!)


  • From @joshbob “Callbacks, custom variables passed, and pre-populated data in a non-API version of a product? Beautiful.”

A Random Sample of Merchants

We tweeted and asked merchants to respond with their logos, and here’s what came back in just a few hours!

Get Satisfaction powers the world’s best brands to solve problems, give a voice to champions, bring out the best ideas and drive better business.

Scribd gives you millions of documents and books at your fingertips! Read, print, download, and send them to your mobile devices instantly. Or upload your PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs to share them with the world’s largest community of readers.

Opscode helps companies of all sizes develop automated server infrastructures. We started Chef, the popular open source integration framework whose adopters and contributors include some of the world’s largest web infrastructure companies.

Kajabi helps you build membership portals and capture leads very easily! Thousands of people have used Kajabi to generate over $22 million for their businesses.

DNS Simple makes DNS Simple!

Tout (@toutapp) helps you templatize and get analytics on your sales, marketing, PR and biz-dev emails.

Ghost Post (@GhostPost) helps businesses shape, sustain, and manage their social media identity to promote their business across the web.

Formed Function is a web business focused on crafting simple design solutions for marketing sites and/or web app interfaces.

SWIX is like Google Analytics, for social media.

Sense Labs makes helpful apps for the web, mobile devices and Macs that improve our customers’ lives in tangible ways.

World Flight Planner makes it easy for pilots to plan their flights.

Lokboks is the easy way to create and share your real estate portfolio.

Rainmaker supercharges your Google Contacts. Automatically pull from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more.

MetricPulse is a web app that allows marketers to aggregate and organize relevant Internet marketing metrics and search engine rankings into one dashboard.

WhoSent.It adds Caller ID and contextual gadgets to your inbound email. Works with Any Inbox, Any Device.

LettingCheck is a powerful mobile tool that makes property inventories a breeze!

TestLodge allows you to easily manage your test plans, requirements, test cases and test runs with ease.

Librato Silverline helps SaaS companies provide a more reliable service by enabling control of the server resources each application consumes and by monitoring CPU, memory, disk and network I/O at the process level.

RoundHouseSupport provides expert 24/7 server management, support, and system administration for any host.

Jungl.me is a VPN Service for expats that protects your Internet browsing from being viewed or intercepted and gives you back access to your favorite sites.

Pusher is a hosted API for quickly, easily and securely adding scalable realtime functionality to web and mobile apps.

Panda: Flexible and highly scalable cloud video encoding API. You upload, we encode.

GreenTeaDaily: Start Your Path to a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle.

CopperEgg provides the instant visibility you need to manage your cloud systems.  RevealCloud is super real-time, providing updates and alerts every few seconds (NOT minutes).  CopperEgg monitors thousands of end points world-wide in real-time.

Cliniko:  completely web-based healthcare practice management software. Cliniko helps you manage your appointments, treatment notes and patient billing.

StockTwits where you find and share the best real-time trading ideas for your investments.

A big thanks to all the Chargify merchants! We truly appreciate the support and feedback we get from you.

Are you a Chargify merchant who wants to be featured on the blog? Tweet us @Chargify