Over the past few months, we have been working really hard to make Chargify an even better product by enhancing the product as a whole as well as the current features and adding new features based on our customer’s feedback and recommendations.

What Have We Been Working On?

Coupon Enhancements
Our most recent improvement was to our coupon feature.  Thanks to your feedback on ways to improve our coupon functionality, we have released 3 new coupon features.  There is now a recurring coupons feature, remaining credit feature, and the ability to delay application of a coupon until after the free trial ends. 

The recurring coupon feature allows you to configure coupons to continue to apply after the initial signup and gives you the ability to have a coupon recur indefinitely or for a fixed period of time. The remaining credit feature allows your customers to use a coupon that is greater than what their subscription costs and as a result have a credit towards their next payment.

Delay Cancellation of Subscriptions
A highly requested feature has been the ability to delay the cancellation of a subscription until the end of a pay period.  This feature is really helpful in billing scenarios where you have a product that customers pay for in advance.  You can delay the cancellation of a subscription via the admin interface as well as through the API.

Last week, we released statements.  Statements allow you and your customers to see a line-item breakdown of the charges, payments, credits and activity for a subscription account on a period-by-period basis.  These are really helpful when reviewing a customer’s account history. Another great thing about statements is that you can share them with your customer via email; you can even have us automatically send them out at the end of every period on your behalf.

Zferral Integration
As stated on our changelog, one of our most requested features for Chargify has been referral tracking. We worked with Zferral to integrate their custom referral and SaaS affiliate software into Chargify.  With this integration, you can now reward your affiliates for sending you new business by simply setting up a campaign.  This feature will allow you to reward your affiliates on both subscription signups and their recurring revenue.  Have any of you tried this yet?

Retries and Dunning
In an attempt to give you more control over your recurring billing, we released the customizable dunning feature in January. With this release, you now have more control over how long failed renewals are retried for payment, and what action you would like to take at every step.

Prior to the change, you either had Chargify send the dunning emails for you (at our set intervals) or you didn’t. Failed renewals were reminded at either 14 or 21 days and after that the subscription would be automatically cancelled if a payment wasn’t made.

Now, going with the trend, you decide how many times you want to retry a failed renewal before the subscription is cancelled or marked unpaid, whether it’s after one day or one hundred days, it’s up to you! As for dunning, you can set it up to send periodic dunning emails at any interval you want, instead of at 14 days or 21 days overdue like in the past.

In December, we made a small change to our API in regards to how credits, now called adjustments, work.  Prior to this change, when issuing a credit to deduct an amount from a subscription’s balance, the credit was reflected as a positive amount.

With our update from credits to adjustments, you can now adjust the balance of a subscription up AND down based on your needs. An adjustment with a positive amount will increase the balance owed, and an adjustment with a negative amount will decrease the balance owed, like a credit would.

The introduction of adjustments gives you more control over the current balance of your subscriptions and the ability to make changes more easily and as you see fit.

PCI Compliance
On another note, over the past few months the Chargify team worked extremely hard and as a result of all our hard work, we are happy to announce we are officially PCI compliant.  Level 1 PCI compliance is the highest certification level and a great achievement for our team. This was a 9 month long process and greatly benefits our merchants as Chargify can now handle credit card data and our merchants can off-load almost all of their PCI responsibilities.

Stay tuned for more information on what it took to become PCI compliant and how you, as our merchants, can make sure you too are abiding by all the stringent standards.

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