Chargify is Officially Level 1 PCI Compliant

by Lance Walley

Back in October we announced that we were on the verge of becoming PCI compliant. Today we are happy to announce that Chargify is officially Level 1 PCI compliant. The Chargify team worked really hard to make this happen and it’s a great step for both Chargify and our merchants.

Why is this important?

Being PCI Level 1 compliant means we’ve been thoroughly evaluated by outside auditors to ensure we run a “tight ship” (see our certification here). Level 1 compliance is the highest certification and requirement for large processing companies. These standards dictate everything from how we secure physical infrastructure to what processes software developers can use to update production systems.

PCI Level 1 reaches into many parts of Chargify and makes us a better company for it.

This is a huge benefit to our merchants. By letting Chargify handle credit card data, our merchants can off-load almost all PCI responsibilities.  It took us 9 months to do everything needed to reach PCI Level 1, and that’s something few companies want to go through if they can easily avoid it.

Be on the lookout

In the upcoming weeks we will cover what it took to become PCI compliant and how you as our merchants can make sure you too are abiding by all standards.

This is a great achievement for the Chargify team!

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