UPDATE: On December, 2, 2014, we announced “Hosted Signup Pages Get Renamed And Improved.” Hosted Signup Pages were renamed “Public Signup Pages.” Check out “Public Pages Intro” to learn more. 

Original 2010 blog post:

Since last week was Thanksgiving, the volume of questions that came into our support center was low.  We figured for this week instead of doing a top support question, we would do an overview of our hosted pages to address some questions that we have been receiving over the past few weeks.

What are hosted pages?

Chargify offers a hosted/white label signup page for all of our customers. The hosted page allows you to integrate with the Chargify platform without having to worry about collecting credit card information or writing custom code yourself. You can point your customers to a unique URL on the Chargify site and we will securely handle subscription signup and payment processing.


Customizing your hosted signup pages

Chargify allows you to customize these hosted pages so that they are company specific and meet your individual company’s needs.  You can customize:

  • Page title
  • Company logo
  • Add custom CSS and Javascript
  • Custom links
  • Enable and disable the coupon option
  • Select which credit card logos appear

On the hosted signup pages, you can customize these pages on a per product basis.  We understand that not all of your products are made the same, that’s why for each product page you can:

  • Request or require the customer’s credit card information
  • Request or require the customer’s shipping and billing addresses
  • Pre-populate data in specific fields

Stay tuned for more information and updates to our hosted pages over the next few months!

Do you have a question about our hosted pages that wasn’t addressed in this post?  Tweet it at us, or leave us a comment below!