As you may know from several earlier blog posts, we’ve been working since late November to expand our systems and replace inefficient parts to handle the growth of our merchants and their customers.

The last couple of pieces fell into place this week:

1. Adding yet more web servers and process servers. Our final batch is running and ready to go, but we’re waiting for our data center to add them to their load balancers, which has to be done during a maintenance window of their choosing. Systems have been running well since our last round of upgrades, but we want to get out way ahead of your needs!

2. Our first focused system administrator, Drew, started taking over tasks that used to be handled by our software developers and data center system administrators. Having someone who’s more focused in his areas of expertise, and who can spend time on systems-level things, is already yielding noticeable benefits to Chargify and our merchants and their customers! Happy to have you, Drew!

Our goal, of course, is for you to know less and less about this kind of work, becuase there will be no need to ever think about it.


—- Lance Walley, co-founder/CEO