At Chargify, we love our pets so much we even have a #pets Slack channel! Inspired by InVision’s post about their team’s pets and to help celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the dogs of Chargify:

Chargify dog Bastian


“Affectionately referred to as ‘Moose-Dog’ or ‘Horse-Dog,’ Bastian is all legs. He loves being around people and is extremely affectionate. He’s the first to say ‘hi’ and the last one to leave when others are around.” – Bob Orchard, Product Designer

Chargify dogs Dean Ruby

Ruby (left) and Dean (right)

“Both rescue dogs, Dean and Ruby make a great pair! Dean loves to be the center of attention, is super affectionate, and is convinced he is about half of his actual size. Ruby is convinced she is about three times as big as she actually is, and as such, rules the house (she gets bonus points for putting up with all of Dean’s ridiculousness).”  – Nick Bialostosky, Technical Specialist

Henry Chargify dog


Henry is a perfect little dog who probably thinks he’s a human. He loves to play, wrestle, and fetch, but is also content to cuddle up and relax.” – Tony Butler, Director of Product

Chargify dog honey golden retriever


“Honey’s personality is as sweet as her name. She doesn’t know she is a retriever, so she prefers hanging out with humans and getting her ears scratched while other dogs do the retrieving. When Honey isn’t lounging in the sun or enjoying car rides, she’s a therapy dog at a local nursing home.” – Kate Harvey, Content & Search Marketing Manager

Chargify dog Liberty Saint Bernard


“Liberty is the happiest St. Bernard around and she takes her job of laying on your feet to keep them warm very seriously. She needs a raise but is too polite to ask for one.” – Elizabeth Tolin, Account Executive

Chargify dogs Lilah


“Lilah talks a lot. Anyone who meets her thinks she has the emotions of a human. She makes the perfect ESA. :)” – Kayla Van Baak, Customer Success Manager

Chargify dog Ripley


“Ripley was adopted from the local animal shelter and loves to play fetch and carry sticks. She is happiest when sitting on the couch with her people.” – Wendy Smoak, Software Developer

ruby grill golden retriever


Ruby loves to play catch, and go for walks. She always wants to be wherever people are.” – Eric Farkas, Software Developer

Dogs of Chargify Zeke Great Dane


“Zeke holds down the fort (read: couch) like nobody’s business. He loves to bark at the UPS man and eat whatever you’re eating.” – Elizabeth Tolin, Account Executive

Chargify dogs Zeke Lola

Zeke (left) and Lola (right)

“Zeke was found running on the streets and had little to no human contact for the first year of his life. Consequently, he was extremely wary of humans. It took us months to get him to walk up to us. Now, he loves us and is getting more and more confident around new people. He loves sleeping on the couch more than anything else. We got Lola as a puppy. She loves being outside, playing in the pool, or digging holes in the landscaping. She loves meeting new people and dogs.” – Zac Clay, Operations Engineer

Cat lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Stay tuned for an introduction to the feline friends of Chargify soon!

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