At Chargify, we love our pets! For Take Your Dog To Work Day, we introduced you to the dogs of Chargify. While Take Your Cat To Work Day doesn’t seem to be happening in offices anytime soon (for reasons all cat owners understand), we wanted to introduce you to the cats of Chargify:

remote office cat Cali


“Cali is aptly named after her breed…Calico. She loves to lay around the house all day, especially on my desk while I’m working, although she’s getting a little too large to fit on the desk these days.” – Suzanne Gedney, Director of Customer Success

edema chargify cat

Edema Ruh (or Ruh for short)

“Calico on the outside, kitten on the inside. Insanely curious. Lover of Ikea mice.” – Bob Orchard, Product Designer

gatao cat remote work


“Hello, my name means ‘Big Cat’ in Portuguese. I like dirt, sleeping, and I’m the friendliest cat ever.” – Marcelo DePolli, Software Developer

remote work cat jiji


“Jiji was rescued from the streets of São Paulo three years ago. He’s a fixture in Chargify meetings because he can’t be away from me even for a few minutes.” – Marcelo DePolli, Software Developer

remote work cats Chargify

Lenny and Pepper

“Lenny was a rescue cat that we offered to mind while he found a home. He won us over and we couldn’t bear to part with him. Pepper showed up at our back door step one cold day as a malnourished half-paralyzed kitten. We took her in and nursed her back to health and she became best buddies with Lenny. Now they’re inseparable.” – Andrew Snow, Operations Engineer

little bit automatic cat feeder

Little Bit

“Little Bit is a stray who showed up at the farm and stayed. She is famous in the Elixir programming language community because she has an automated cat feeder that was developed using the language.” – Wendy Smoak, Software Developer

nina cat chargify culture


“Nina is the oldest and the first cat in the house. She still dreams of a golden past where she was the only one.” – Marcelo DePolli, Software Developer

company culture chargify cats

Noah and Chloe

“Meet Noah and Chloe. They love napping 23 hours a day and occasionally cleaning each other’s ears.” – Luke Scoates, Software Developer

chargify culture cat otto


“Otto is very well-behaved and super friendly. Except when he steals food from the kitchen. Let us not dwell on that.” – Marcelo DePolli, Software Developer

pookie chargify cat


“Pookie’s a calico alpha-female with a penchant for horrible timing and incessant meowing. Likes: nothing, Dislikes: everything.” – Karalyn Capone, Product & Documentation Specialist

Sasha cat Chargify culture


“Don’t let Sasha’s midnight appearance and silky coat fool you. She can’t sit still even for a second and is scared of everything, especially plastic bags.” – Karalyn Capone, Product & Documentation Specialist

company culture cat tamryn


“Tammi loves nibbling on feet and yowling at 2am. As this was written she tried to climb onto the laptop again (pictured) and fell off the desk.” – Natasha Schimka, Technical Specialist

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