We sent out a survey recently to those on our Beta waiting list (thanks for all your responses!) and one thing that I noticed from the comments was that not everyone is aware of the API libraries/wrappers that have emerged so far for the Chargify API. The Chargifiy team has published one for Ruby/Rails, and I’m aware of another one for Ruby and one for Python.

The full list is always our support site,  but here’s a quick run through.

ActiveResource Chargify API Gem

This is the “official” ruby gem from the Chargify team. It leverages ActiveResource (which is built in to Rails) for an easy implementation and ActiveRecord-like method interface. Its hosted on github, with gem hosting by the cool new Gemcutter.

The source repository is here: http://github.com/grasshopperlabs/chargify_api_ares

Pull requests are welcome!

Chargify Gem

The simply named ‘chargify’ ruby gem/wrapper by Wynn Netherland uses HTTParty to interface with Chargify. I haven’t tried it out, but I perused the source and saw that he has a test suite that runs against a Chargify “mock”.

Check it out and see if it fits your needs: http://github.com/pengwynn/chargify


If you need a Python solution, make sure to check out pychargify by Paul Trippett. I pretty much claim Python ignorance, so I can’t speak to its merits. But I sure am glad Paul’s shared this with the community!



Are there other Chargify API wrappers out there that I don’t know about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to add them to our support site.

Thanks goes to those who have already shared their work. Open source rocks.

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