Come to Chargicon in Austin, July 30-31.

Learn how Chargify can help manage a big part of your recurring revenue business.

And learn how Shopify and Chargify work together with our new Shopify App!

And, of course, influence the folks working on upcoming features like data visualization.


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Chargicon will provide the top things people have been asking for:

• Meet other merchants
Learn how they tackle business challenges – ie, one will demonstrate how they generate metrics on churn & lifetime value.

• Meet the Chargify software dev team
Learn how to use this or that feature or API call, hear about upcoming features, and push for the features you want. Ask us about merchant accounts and payment gateways, etc. Anything & everything.

• Meet Chargify partners and “merchant/partners” (they use Chargify to bill for something cool):
Shopify (market leader for managing an online store, integrated with Chargify)
Zferral (affiliate management & payouts, integrated with Chargify)
Zapier (data sync Chargify signups to MailChimp, Salesforce, & many more)
Copperegg (server & website monitoring)
Merchant Focus (convenient source of payment gateway + merchant account)

• Two special topics we’d like to find merchants to discuss/present are:
– How you get Chargify data into your accounting system.
– How you produce metrics like churn and LTV after exporting data from Chargify. We have one merchant who’s agreed to come (on us!), but we still welcome more who can show how they’ve answered this need.

ANALYTICS & VISUALIZATIONS: Some nice folks from Mutually Human in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be joining us at Chargicon. They’re going to help us create better analytics & visualizations that Chargify merchants need to run their businesses more effectively. Come meet them and discuss your priorities.


We’ve reserved this large room at the W Hotel in Austin. It seats 300 people, which is far more than we expect. But it should work well used the following way:

• Groups of people can break off and do small discussions/presentations. We’ll provide 40-inch TV/LCD displays that anyone can use to display their topic.

• Seating/lounging areas for working on your laptop, chatting with others, eating, etc.

• There will be simple food & drink all day long. Someone said we should have tacos because tacos are popular in Austin.

• At the end of Chargicon, we’ll give away those 40-inch TV/LCDs! We haven’t decided how we’re going to determine who gets them, but we’re definitely not taking them back with us!


Chargicon hours will be 12pm – 5pm each day.

We realize that most of you have a business to run, just like we do, so mornings are for coffee and work over at Halcyon (1 block away).

Evenings will be whatever we want… we’ll walk to coffee/dinner/drinks nearby and we’d love to have you along.

Need a Room?

If you need a room at the W during your stay in Austin, here’s the link:

Austin W Hotel Reservations

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, just let us know:

(800) 401-2414

Lance Walley, co-founder/CEO