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The 10 Reasons SaaS Customers Churn (and How to Combat Them)

The following is a guest post by Ryan Law, CMO & co-founder of Cobloom. Cobloom is a team of marketing, sales and customer success experts that specialise in helping customer-centric SaaS companies gain traction and scale. Ready to grow your SaaS? Check out their SaaS Growth Blog. After countless hours of development, relentless marketing campaigns…

Fighting Back: 10 Ways To Prevent Recurring Billing Chargebacks

prevent recurring billing chargebacks

Many of you reading this blog weren’t even alive in 1968 when a piece of legislation passed, giving rise to something that costs businesses billions every year. That piece of legislation is the “Truth In Lending Act” (TLA) which includes the Fair Credit Billing Act that gives consumers the right to dispute and correct credit card billing errors. Don’t get…