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Fighting Back: 10 Ways To Prevent Recurring Billing Chargebacks

prevent recurring billing chargebacks

Many of you reading this blog weren’t even alive in 1968 when a piece of legislation passed, giving rise to something that costs businesses billions every year. That piece of legislation is the “Truth In Lending Act” (TLA) which includes the Fair Credit Billing Act that gives consumers the right to dispute and correct credit card billing errors. Don’t get…

Feature Creep: What Causes It & How To Avoid It

Feature creep. Featuritis. Feature bloat. Creeping featurism. Bloatware. These all refer to the same thing, and it isn’t good. Feature creep (and its synonyms) is the “tendency to constantly add features which inevitably leads to complex products that are confusing and hard to use.” New York Times columnist David Pogue was one of the first…

How To Win Back Cancelled Customers Before They Churn

Disclaimer: Churn may cause sleepless nights, heartburn, receding hairlines, and premature aging. It’s a subscription business’ archenemy. “The reason the SaaS churn rate dominates over virtually all other SaaS metrics is that SaaS churn is in direct opposition to growth; the primary objective of most SaaS businesses,” explains Joel York. Today, we’re bringing you some…

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