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The Subscription Metrics 8 Top SaaS Companies Obsess Over & Why

With the recent release of our subscription analytics and reporting tools, we’ve been thinking a lot about the most important metrics a SaaS company should track. There are so many options, it is easy for companies to get lost in a sea of SaaS metrics. The most successful companies narrow their focus onto a few key metrics, though those narrower set of metrics will be different for every company. Which got us wondering about top SaaS companies and which metrics they track. So we asked! We reached out directly and asked SaaS leaders:
“What are the 1 or 2 key Saas metrics your company obsesses over and why?”

How Zoey Pivoted To Stand Out In A Sea Of eCommerce Platforms

zoey ecommerce customer spotlight

This blog post is part of our Customer Spotlight series. Throughout the series we highlight Chargify merchants and the lessons learned as they grow their subscription-based business. How do you succeed in a market that is full of competitors? In a sea of eCommerce platforms, Zoey has been able to divide and conquer by clearly identifying their…

How To Prioritize Your SaaS Marketing Tactics For Maximum ROI [Free Template Included]

A proven template designed to prioritize your marketing efforts for maximum ROI. Stop wasting your time copying other people’s marketing tactics, and reliably get the biggest results to propel your business and career forward. The following is a guest post by Nicholas Mullen. Nick helps B2B SaaS companies increase their self-service conversion rates. Want to…

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