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Take Your Dog To Work Day: Meet the dogs of Chargify

dogs of chargify

At Chargify, we love our pets so much we even have a #pets Slack channel! Inspired by InVision’s post about their team’s pets and to help celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the dogs of Chargify: “Affectionately referred to as ‘Moose-Dog’ or ‘Horse-Dog,’ Bastian is all legs….

Holding Effective Meetings With A Distributed Team

This is a guest post by Rachel Go, who is a content strategist, SEO writer, and inbound marketer. She loves writing about remote work, productivity, and workplace culture. Connect with her on Twitter @rgo_go or on her website. Meetings are widely regarded as a giant waste of time. Many times, everything that was said could…

How to Create Meaningful Benefits for Remote Employees

When people hear I work for a tech/software company, I tend to get questions like “so, you’re surrounded by ping pong tables and beer all day long?” Eh, not exactly. I explain Chargify is 100% distributed, so we don’t have a specific “office” that everyone goes into. Instead, my remote coworkers and I are spread…

How we made core values part of our DNA and why you should too

What do you stand for? It isn’t just a question you should ask on a personal level, but something a company needs to identify about itself as well. “Your company is a living, breathing organism with a distinct personality. It expresses that personality through its Values,” says Verne Harnish in his best-selling book “Scaling Up.” If…

Remote Work Tips From Chargify’s Distributed Team

Chargify remote work team

I recently read Buffer’s post about ditching their office and going 100% distributed. It reminded me of a great post our own Eric Farkas wrote, where he shared his experience after working remotely at Chargify for 2 years. Chargify has been a remote team since inception, and while I may be biased, a very efficient…