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TLS Upgrade Warning – What You Need to Know

On January 12, 2016, Chargify will no longer support TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 over HTTPS on the domain. Any older browsers or API clients that do not support TLS 1.2 will no longer work after this date. This change is mandated by the PCI Security Council and affects all merchants and service providers…

SHA-2 Migration – What You Need to Know

On Dec 15, 2014 Chargify will begin using a new SSL certificate signed by SHA-2 instead of SHA-1.  The change should be seamless for most users, but old API clients may have issues.  We have set up a test system so you can check ahead of time that your API integration will continue to work….

What You Need to Know about PCI

This blog post was originally posted by Chargify in 2011. We have updated it to include PCI changes in 2015. What is PCI? “PCI” is a term that’s coming up more and more as banks and credit card processors get more serious about credit card data security. We completed our first PCI Level 1 audit in 2011….

Chargify is Officially Level 1 PCI Compliant

Back in October we announced that we were on the verge of becoming PCI compliant. Today we are happy to announce that Chargify is officially Level 1 PCI compliant. The Chargify team worked really hard to make this happen and it’s a great step for both Chargify and our merchants. Why is this important? Being…

Ease Your Customers’ Billing Fears

There have been several articles in the news lately involving credit card mishaps & billing mistakes.  Capital One billed a woman $286 million dollars, Gameloft (a mobile game developer) double-charged a number of customers and the Minnesota Attorney General is suing Discover for signing people up for credit card protection they didn’t request. The good…

The Importance Of Being PCI Compliant

  With our recent announcement about PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance here at Chargify, the new statistics put out by Verizon Business couldn’t have come at a better time. “PCI compliant companies are 50% less likely to suffer a data breach. “ In order to be PCI compliant, there are certain rigorous requirements companies must…

Chargify News: New Pricing, Features & More

Note: The information below reflects information related to Chargify’s 2010 pricing and business model. For up-to-date pricing information please contact Chargify. UPDATE Over the last few hours we’ve received a ton of feedback from our merchants based on the Chargify pricing announcement. We want you to know that it has not gone unheard. As an…