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Subscriber & Churn Analytics: Visibility Into The Health Of Your Customer Base

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work building the architecture needed to provide accurate, insightful analytics for subscription businesses. In January we rolled out Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Analytics followed by Revenue Retention Analytics in February. Today we’re happy to announce two more analytics views added to Chargify’s arsenal of insights – Subscriber…

Revenue Retention Analytics: Reporting & Insights For Maximum Revenue Recovery

Chargify revenue retention analytics

Throughout 2016, we made many enhancements to our revenue retention (dunning) tools that gave Chargify customers more control over their retention strategies. Some of these updates included: Preconfigured Dunning Strategies Customizable Dunning Frequencies HTML Dunning Emails Today we’re happy to announce our new Revenue Retention Analytics that provide visibility into the performance and effectiveness of your…

Coupon Restrictions Provide More Control And Flexibility

Coupon codes. Discount codes. Promo codes. Whatever you want to call them, they can be a powerful growth lever for both B2B and B2C businesses. But sometimes improper use can lead to gamification and unanticipated discounts that cost your business money. Our recent release gives merchants more control over how coupon codes can be redeemed….

New MRR Analytics: Beautiful, Accurate Insights For Subscription Businesses

We’re extremely pleased to announce Chargify’s new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) analytics. MRR is one of the most important bottom line metrics for subscription businesses. Chargify’s MRR analytics give you a crystal clear view into net MRR growth and the composition of MRR movements: New Business MRR: New paid conversions Expansion MRR: Paying customers that…

Invoice Billing Settings For Public Signup Pages

If your business provides the option of automatic billing or invoice billing for different customers, you’ll love the new signup page settings we’ve released! You can now define either “Automatic” or “Invoice” billing as the payment collection method for any public signup page. This translates into the ability to have two signup pages for any…

Announcing Customizable HTML Dunning Emails

Over the past few months, the Chargify team has been hard at work making enhancements to our dunning tools for optimal revenue recovery. From preconfigured dunning strategies to customizable dunning frequencies, Chargify customers can easily configure a dunning strategy that will increase revenue through reduced churn. Today, we’re happy to announce another dunning enhancement that…

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