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Scott White Joins Chargify as Chief Revenue Officer

Featured image for blog announcing Scott White as CRO

For all of the benefits the subscription model has brought to B2B SaaS businesses, it has brought its fair share of challenges, too. Endless combinations of pricing, numerous usage models, unique offers and complex analytics requirements to name a few.  All of these requirements make managing the business – and revenue – extremely difficult for…

Customer-Specific Language Settings For Global Support & Expansion

Back in June, we released our new Language Settings, allowing merchants to translate customer-facing invoices into another language outside of English.  Today we’re happy to take invoice localization to another level with the ability to create and set different languages for different customers in different parts of the world.  To make it even more precise,…

New Language Settings Support Invoice Localization

If your business targets customers outside of the United States, you’ve probably noticed that some of our recent features have been specifically designed for your global use cases. Releases such as our GoCardless integration for Direct Debit and Cross-Site Analytics with currency conversions are part of a bigger initiative that we refer to internally as…