Chargify allows you to create one-time coupons to give customers a discount on signup.  After the coupon is applied, customers will be charged the normal amount at the next assessment.

Currently, coupons can only be used during the initial creation of the subscription and cannot be used during or to extend the free trial period. However, you can extend their free trial period by changing the assessment date for their current subscription.

To change the assessment date for a customer’s current subscription, find the subscription that you want to extend then:

  • From the summary tab for that subscription, in the details you will see “Next Billing”. Click the “change” link.
  • On the “Edit Billing Date” screen, change the date/time to when you want to extend it to
  • Click the ‘Save Changes’ button

Keep your eye out next week for a detailed post explaining the ins and outs of how coupons work with Chargify.  Also, be on the lookout for coupon enhancements taking place this quarter.

If you have a question about coupons that you would like to see addressed in the upcoming post, please post it in the comments section below!