Last week’s top support question was, “Can old customers stay on old pricing if the merchant changes their product prices?”

In short, the answer is yes, old customers will always stay on old pricing, even if you change the product pricing. Although the short answer is simple, there are a few more things we would like to address in this post that we think are important for you to be aware of, as they relate to merchants changing their product pricing.

Will my customer’s next subscription fee be at the new price?
When you change the pricing of your product, your current customers will continue to be charged the old price unless you move them to the new “product” (new price level).  New subscribers, after the price change, will be charged the new price.  This is called product versions, when you have the same product just at different prices.

Do customers need to approve the new price?
Yes, since you would have to move them from the old product (old price) to the new product (new price), you would need to get your customer’s approval and then move them via the API or the administrator interface.

Do customers get an email informing them of the pricing change?
In this case, Chargify will not send an email informing your customers of the pricing change, you would need to handle that.

Will my subscribers need to reenter their credit card information?
Your customers will not need to reenter their credit card information when you move them to the new product, as credit card details are stored in a payment profile and will not be affected.

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