Yes, Chargify gives you the ability to upgrade or downgrade a customer’s subscription in the middle of a billing period and collect prorated charges or give prorates credits.

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade a customer’s subscription?

  • Prorated credit: A prorated credit can be created to reimburse the customer for their current product.  A prorated credit must be at a minimum $0.01.  Regardless of how long your customer has had the product, even if only for a few seconds, proration will result in a minimum charge for that time of $0.01.NOTE: This is NOT a refund, no money will actually be returned to the customer, as a credit only effects the customer’s balance.
  • Charge: A charge for the full amount of the new product will be applied.
  • Updated period start/end dates: The period start date will be reset to the day you upgrade or downgrade your customer’s subscription.

How Do I Initiate an Upgrade or Downgrade?

When in the admin interface, click the subscriptions tab and then click the “upgrade/downgrade” link under the subscription options section.  This can also be done when viewing a subscription by selecting the “upgrade/downgrade” link under the summary section on the left of the screen.

Once you have clicked the “upgrade/downgrade” link, you will be able to view the customer’s current product associated with their subscription, along with all available products to choose from.  To upgrade/downgrade, simply click the “select product” button for the product you would like to upgrade/downgrade your customer to.

How Do I Know If a Customer’s Subscription was Successfully Upgraded or Downgraded?

You will see a success message upon the completion of the upgrade or downgrade. To see a list of the credits/charges that were created as a result of this upgrade/downgrade, check the “account transactions” tab.

Fun fact:The “upgrade/downgrade” page also provides you a way to just change the subscribed product without effecting any proration. Something to keep in mind…

Did you know you can also upgrade or downgrade a customer’s subscription in the middle of a billing period via the Chargify API?  This is called a “migration”.

To learn more about API Migrations, click here.

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