Chargify’s calendar billing configuration allows you to define what day all of your customers are billed, regardless of when they signed up. So all customers are billed on the same day such as the 1st, 15th, or any day – you decide.

Until now, the customer would be billed a prorated amount on sign up based on when they signed up and when the calendar billing renewal day is set. This has worked well for many of our merchants, but as your needs evolve, we adapt.

We are happy to announce two new configuration options for calendar billing:

  • Collect the full amount immediately on sign up (instead of the prorated amount)
  • Delayed calendar billing where nothing is collected until the calendar billing renewal date

The main use case for using Immediate or Delayed calendar billing would be if you’re shipping physical goods where a prorated, partial payment does not make sense. I mean, who wants 1/3 of a candy bar?

How to use these new options:

There are two main ways that calendar billing can be configured – using Chargify’s Public Signup Pages or via the API.

Using Public Signup Pages

  • Navigate to the Public Signup Pages section in Chargify’s interface and click ‘Edit’ for any signup page that you’d like to configure
  • When you enable a calendar billing date, the “Calendar billing first charge” dropdown selector will appear
  • Choose from the Prorated, Immediate, or Delayed options
  • Save your changes


Using Chargify’s API

When using calendar billing via the API, you will pass the ‘snap_day” which is a value between 1 and 28 (or “end” for end of the month) that represents the calendar billing date.

Along with the ‘snap_day,’ you can now pass ‘calendar_billing_first_charge’ to define prorated, immediate, or delayed.

For more information, check out the calendar billing documentation: