In our recent public signup page release, we included a new feature called Calendar Billing that allows you to define the desired billing date for a subscription created through the public signup page. Previously, this functionality was only available via our API but can now be used and enjoyed by all Chargify merchants.

So how does it work?

Lets say you set the calendar billing date to the 15th and a customer signs up on the 1st. The customer will be charged a prorated rate of 14 days on signup and then for the full monthly amount on the 15th (the calendar billing date). With this feature enabled, everyone that signs up is billed for a subscription on the same day every month.

You can set the calendar bill date when creating a new public signup page or by editing existing public signup pages under the main Setup tab, Public Signup Pages subtab.

It is important to note that this functionality only works for products that do not have a trial period and are billed on a monthly basis. For more information about Calendar Billing, please check out our documentation. If you have any questions, Chargify support is happy to help out.