With thousands of businesses running on Chargify, there are many things that developers and business owners would like us to add to make their lives easier.

One of these things is Bulk Operations – the ability to change something on many subscriptions at the same time.

In the day-to-day course of business, these kinds of things can save a lot of time for you and your coworkers.

Change Billing Date or Product on Many Subscriptions

When you go to your Subscriptions tab, you’ll see some new things:

• Checkboxes next to each subscription
• Filters for Period End, Product, Status, and Next Billing Date
• Buttons to change Billing Date or Product

These functions allow you to select a subset of subscriptions and then change the billing date or product on all off them.

For instance, you can select the subscriptions where the billing period ends sometime next week AND they’re on the “Gold” product AND their status is “active”… AND then individually remove a couple of subscriptions because you know something about them specifically, and then apply a billing date change to all remaining subscriptions in the group.

This is going to save a lot of time for Chargify merchants!

It will really be useful for businesses that bill all customers on the same day of the month. Also very useful for business that ship real goods, where they need to adjust billing/shipping dates for whole groups of subscribers as they prepare shipments.

[UPDATE as of May 24 late in the day:  I learned after writing this that this function ONLY applies to subscriptions shown on the screen in the filtered list (ie, 25 subs). This will be expanded in the coming days. For now, you have to run the process multiple times to work on more than 25 subscriptions at a time. This limitation will be removed soon.]

Perhaps less common, but I’m sure very useful when you do need it, is the function in the image above: selecting a group of subscriptions and then moving them all from your “Silver” product to your “Gold” product. I know there are business reasons that give rise to this, and now it’s really easy to select 73 people on one product and move them all to another product.

Change Product Version on One or Many Subscriptions

Sometimes, you need to change the product version of one or more subscriptions.

Changes to a product do not affect older subscriptions already on the product, because we automatically create new product versions anytime you change something about a product. Over time, you can easily end up with 5 or 10 versions of the same product, and you may have customers subscribed to each version.

This works well for most business needs, but there are times when you want old customers on newer product versions.

For instance, maybe you just changed the price of your product and you want the existing 215 customers to pay the new price on their next bill. Until we released this new function, you had to change each one manually, OR you could write an API script to do it.

Now, you can easily change the product version:

• On a single subscription
• On all subscriptions currently on version ‘x’

To change the product version on a single subscription, go to the Subscription Summary page. You’ll see the items highlighted in red, below:

To change the product version on all subscriptions on a specific older version to the latest version, go to the Setup tab and then to the product in question. We placed it here because this usually comes up when you make a new version of an existing product:

We hope you’ll enjoy these new time-saving features!