UPDATE: The blog post below was originally published in 2010. Chargify now supports all major payment gateways for your recurring billing needs. For an up-to-date list of the payment gateways we support, please visit our payment gateways page.

Original post:

A lot of questions come to mind when running an e-commerce business. You know you need a payment gateway but you may be wondering what a payment gateway can do for you and how you choose one. Basically, payment gateways enable you to accept credit card payments and transfer billing info to your bank so that payments can be deposited into your internet merchant account each month. Yes, that’s the basic version.

Here at Chargify, we have paired with four of the top-rated gateways to ensure ease and security for our customers. These gateways are Authorize.net, Beanstream, PaymentExpress, and TrustCommerce. Whichever one you choose depends on your company’s specific needs. To help you figure out the differences, here’s a brief description of each (note: each payment gateway supports buyers in any country):


As a leading provider of gateway payment services since 1996, Authorize.net allows merchants to settle and manage credit card transactions for a number of e-commerce applicants.

Authorize.net is an ideal choice for US based companies since the merchant account must be located in the United States. Authorize.net is PCI compliant, and customer support and fraud prevention are included. There is a setup fee of $99 and a monthly charge of $39.95.


As a Victoria, British Columbia gateway, a merchant account for Beanstream must be located in Canada. Beanstream provides excellent risk management and payment services to businesses in both Canada and the United States.

This gateway has two plans; $49 a month plus .25 cents per transaction or $119 a month plus .15 cents per transaction. Based on your revenue and business, Beanstream determines the most cost effective plan for you.


A PCI Complaint gateway with fraud prevention and customer support, PaymentExpress provides solutions for UK (or EU companies using Barclays based in the UK), Australian and New Zealand Markets.

There are no transaction fees and the monthly fees range between $50 and $5,000 depending on your business.


If you’re really concerned about the safety of your account, look no further than TrustCommerce. As a provider of services to Fortune 500 companies since 2000, this gateway has the highest security known in the industry (they are Level 1 PCI compliant). Pricing can get complicated, so to get pricing plans for TrustCommerce, you can call them at (949) 387-3747.

Want more information on Chargify supported payment gateways? Visit out payment gateways page.