One of the most-requested features for our customer-facing Billing Portal has arrived!  Your customers can now log in to the Billing Portal using their email address and a password that they choose.  Additionally, we’ve made it easier for your customers to log in, whether they are using the new passwords or the old email Login Links.

Chargify’s Billing Portal is an out-of-the-box, customer-facing portal where your customers can manage their subscriptions.  Your customers can do all sorts of routine things that save you (and them!) time… like upgrading/downgrading service, adding/updating payment info, downloading statements, cancelling service, etc.

Every merchant using Billing Portal has a new “login screen” available at, where your “shortname” is your Chargify subdomain. If password logins are turned off, a customer can use the login screen to easily request a Login Link using their email address on file.


You can distribute links to these login screens to your customers. Additionally, when customers have subscriptions they manage with multiple businesses and grow accustomed to the idea of the “shortname”, they can visit  and directly enter a shortname, or choose from businesses they’ve already authenticated.


After you enable password logins, your customers will be prompted to choose a password after they accept their invitation email. Your customer can add a password then, or anytime via the link on their “My Account” page.


The existing methods of Billing Portal logins — Management URLs, Login Links, and Invitations — will continue to work. Passwords just provide a method that is more familiar to many users. And, if your customers forget their password, we provide a handy forgotten password flow that allows them to access their account and set a new password after clicking a link in an email.

You can enable password logins for your Billing Portal today!  Just head over to the Settings tab in Chargify and look for the new option, as pictured below.  Passwords default to being enabled for new sites, but are disabled for existing sites so that you can opt-in.


We hope you find the new passwords feature to be a convenient new way for your customers to manage their subscriptions. Happy billing!