If you use Chargify’s Billing Portal, and custom fields, you will be happy to know that custom fields can now be edited by the customer via the Billing Portal. This was a highly requested feature, and we are happy to have released it to all Chargify customers.

If you are not familiar with Chargify’s Billing Portal or custom fields, let’s quickly review this functionality:

Billing Portal: The Billing Portal is a customer-facing account management feature available to all Chargify merchants. When enabled, your customers can access and manage their subscription with options such as update billing and contact information, change plans, or cancel. Billing Portal Documentation

Custom Fields: Custom fields (also called metafields) can be used to collect additional data from your customers (typically on sign up) and store it with their subscriptions. This data can also be displayed on statements and invoices and is included in the subscriptions CSV export. Custom Field Documentation

How-To Enable

Custom fields are available under the Setup tab of your Site:


You will notice the “On Portal” column now displayed with each custom field. By default, your custom fields will not be editable via the portal. To enable this functionality, click ‘Edit’ for the desired fields and update the “Display Field Data on Customer Portal” setting.

Once enabled, the Billing Portal will now offer a “Change Settings” option:


Clicking on this option will allow the customer to self manage their custom field data: