Chargify’s Billing Portal provides out of the box functionality for customers to manage their subscriptions (upgrade, downgrade, cancel) without having to write any custom code. For our merchants that use this functionality, we have added a great new feature for “Delayed Cancellations” allowing your customers to cancel but continue using your service through their next billing date. This was a requested feature and very handy in many cases:

  • Many SaaS companies bill annually and do not provide refunds if a customer cancels mid billing period. This way, a customer can cancel at their leisure but still have access to your services for the remainder of the period they paid for.
  • Similarly, for the growing box-a-month business model, many customers prepay for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or some duration of time. Your customers can now cancel at any time and still receive the remaining boxes they have paid for. In this use case, it makes sense to disable the “Allow Immediate Cancellations” option and only enable the “Allow Delayed Cancelations” option to elimination confusion and ensure customers receive the remaining boxes they have paid for.

To use this new feature, visit your Chargify Site > Settings tab > Billing Portal section > and click on the checkbox next to “Allow Delayed Cancelations.”

chargify billing portal delayed cancelations