Today we made Subscription CSV exports a lot better!

There are two major things we added:

1. Filter results down to a subset of records, and only the resulting set of records will be exported

Before today, it was a pain to export the whole (unfiltered) set of results, and then do some filtering in something like Excel or Google Docs. No longer do you have to do that!

2. Include component allocations (current count & current cost) and estimated next billing amount

To enable the two new exportable fields in this example, head over to the Chargify Site Settings tab, click on the “CSV Exports” tab, and enable the options:

Your component allocations will now be added to your CSV Subscription exports. This will really help a number of Chargify merchants who need component info in exports that they process through other systems.


We hope you enjoy the new enhanced subscription exporting! We know these functions will help a lot of you do your work more easily, and that makes us happy.