If you use Chargify’s Avalara integration to automate calculating and collecting sales tax, we’ve added a layer of tax reporting to streamline your bookkeeping and accounting. The new Tax History Report breaks down the subcomponents of taxes by each tax type, jurisdiction, rate, and amount providing a comprehensive view into all things taxes. You can also view taxes charged against taxes collected and export the report for data manipulation and record keeping.  

To access this report, visit your Site’s Taxes page and click on the ‘View Tax History’ button:

When viewing the report in Chargify, you’ll see:

  • ID: The Chargify transaction ID that contains the tax (A hyperlink allows you to quickly access the Chargify record for any transaction)
  • Assessment Date: Date the tax was charged
  • Collection Date: Date the charged tax was successfully paid
  • Subscription ID: ID of the Chargify subscription (A hyperlink allows you to quickly access the subscription’s profile within Chargify)  
  • Tax: The name of each itemized tax
  • Tax Rate: The rate of each itemized tax
  • Amount: The amount of each itemized tax
  • Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction of each itemized tax

You can click the ‘Export Tax History’ button to export the report—filter and sort away! Tracking, reporting, and (especially) paying taxes does not fall under the “fun” category, but we confident this update will make the process a little more bearable for Chargify customers.