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6 Tips For Selling Subscriptions to Millennials…by a Millennial

sell millennials subscriptions

Businesses across all industries seem to have a complicated relationship with millennials, and subscription-based businesses are no different. Most love the buying power and brand loyalty of millennials but struggle with attracting and connecting with them as customers. Get ready to unlock the mystery — or have it unlocked for you, really. This millennial is…

16 Tips to Reduce SaaS Churn from Industry Leaders

Reducing churn is mission critical for all SaaS businesses. We write about it, read about it, discuss it, test for it, and even when we’ve reduced churn we look for ways to reduce it further. In a recent content marketing meeting we realized that while there are many blogs on how to reduce churn (ours…

The 9 Elements of a Successful Welcome Email

The fact that you need to send a welcome email after signup is a no-brainer. Here’s the catch — are you making the right first impression? We hate to break it to you, but your company may be one of many who is missing a golden opportunity by not saying the right thing. By “right thing”…

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