The Problem: Until this week, only one email address could be associated with a customer’s account in Chargify.

The Solution: You can now add additional email addresses that will be cc’d on any system emails related to a subscription. Example emails include end of trial, upcoming renewals, statements, credit card expiration, failed transactions, and more.

The Use Cases: The more email addresses on file, the less likely important emails will get overlooked. Below are various reasons why a customer would want this functionality.

  • Multiple team members simply want to be looped in
  • The subscription’s main point of contact wants accounting or administration to be cc’d on all emails
  • Many times a generic email like or is used for the subscription, but one or multiple team members want to receive the emails

How to add/edit cc’d email addresses:

There are three main ways that cc email addresses can be added: manually, via the Billing Portal, or via the API.

1. Manually

If a customer asks for another email address to be added as a point of contact, you can manually add it from Chargify’s UI.

Search for the customer in Chargify > click on the customer’s name > use the ‘Actions’ dropdown to edit > add additional email addresses to the “CC Emails” field > save. Make sure to separate multiple emails with a comma.


2. Via the Billing Portal

If you use Chargify’s self-service Billing Portal, your customers can add/edit additional email addresses on their own. Note: This functionality is only available if you have “Allow Profile Updates” enabled in the Billing Portal settings:


3. Via the API

If you use Chargify’s API, you can allow customers to add/edit additional emails on an account settings page or wherever they can edit their account information. For more information on this functionality via the API, check out:

Additionally, the main email address and any additional cc email addresses are available in customer exports via Chargify’s UI.