We just released 2 new features for your enjoyment: Two-Factor Authentication and Instant Webhook Testing.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (also referred to as “2FA” to save brain cells & fingers) helps protect against the use of lost or compromised passwords, and it’s an emerging standard for increasing the security of sensitive applications (especially those in the financial industry).

How It Works

If Two-Factor Authentication is turned on, then your Chargify login will follow this path:

1. You’ll enter your normal username & password.

2. We will send a special code to your mobile phone.

3. You’ll enter that code into a field on the screen that shows up right after the login screen.

We have partnered with security provider Authy to add 2FA. The special codes are sent to your phone either as a text message, or via their very nice iOS and Android app (the Authy app is also compatible with Google Authenticator!).

Details & Screenshots

For deeper info and more screenshots, read our new forum entry: Two-Factor Authentication

Instant Webhook Testing

Have you ever needed to test your integration with Chargify webhooks, but you had to wait for the webhook to be generated by this or that event in Chargify?

Maybe you were waiting for a new signup (which you can do almost instantly, but it takes work), or maybe you were waiting for a renewal payment, which can take minutes or hours or days, depending on how you have things set up.

Wait no more.

Now you can press a button and we’ll send you whatever webhook you need in your testing. This will save a ton of time!

Check out this silent screencast that shows how this works. (It’s silent because silence is golden, and it’s so simple that no words are needed, anyway.)

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