If you called Chargify this week, you may have noticed new voices on the other end. That’s because our US-based telephone support group started integrating with Chargify.

And if there were any system tasks to carry out in the middle of the night, those got handled by our Network Operations Center.

Both of these groups work 24/7 to support the needs of Chargify merchants.

And while these groups are new to Chargify, they are not “new”… they have been part of Grasshopper Group for 6 years, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses. Chargify is part of Grasshopper Group, so we’re all part of the same family.

There will be some ramp-up time, of course, but as the groups learn more Chargify details, they will be able to support our merchants more and more deeply.

As Chargify CEO, I’m very happy about this! These are the kinds of things that really matter since you’re depending on us to help run your business.

By the way, those images above are real…they are some of the people who are backing you up as a Chargify merchant.