2015 was another great year at Chargify, and we could not have done it without our awesome customers and amazing team members.

Across the board, we grew the number of subscriptions we manage, the size of our team, the features available to you, our support satisfaction rating, and our revenue – all while having our third consecutive year of profitability. We also saw a very high level of trust from large enterprises, which always take a deep look at any new vendor before saying “yes.” We got some very substantial “yeses.”

Thank you!

When reflecting back on 2015, a theme that emerged is: Focus & Maturity

To help realize our potential, we hired a business coach – Kris Kaplan. Kris helped us order our strengths (and weaknesses), values, and purpose. With these as our guide, the path forward for us is clearer than ever, and we think this clarity will show in the product and merchant experience.

Our subscription billing platform has the most depth and stability on the market, but sometimes that depth is overwhelming for new merchants. Thus:

  • We increased focus on design, usability, and the on-boarding experience. While our initial user interface update in 2015 was just the tip of the iceberg, we are on a path to make Chargify more modern, intuitive, and user friendly.
  • We concentrated resources in a “Customer Success” team to help our merchants make the best use of Chargify. We’re currently investigating success metrics in our efforts to proactively engage with customers and help them succeed in 2016.
  • Towards the end of 2015, we ramped up content geared towards helping subscription businesses succeed. If you haven’t seen some of our recent blog posts, we encourage you to browse our blog (and share tips you find useful).

You may know that we’re a fully remote team spread across the USA, plus three team members in Canada, Brazil, and Australia. In 2015, we removed the last two remnants of having any kind of “office” – our two “lairs” (apartments in California & North Carolina that we once used as work/meeting places). Working remotely has some challenges, and our team came together (remotely, of course), to compile a blog post that may prove helpful to you: “Remote work tips from Chargify’s distributed team.” We still hold annual company retreats and we look forward to the next one in Austin this coming April. If you’ll be in Austin in April, we’d love to meet up!

While we worked on our “focus & clarity” at the company level, our product team was busy,  ending the year with 1,972 commits and 329 deployments. That’s a deploy almost every day! Here are some of the feature releases from 2015:

Looking back at 2015, we had a lot of fun together:

IMG_2668Dev team meetup at ElixirConf 2015 in Austin

CQZvWrJUEAAn3QhOur own Wendy Smoak speaking at ElixirConf 2015

Checkmate?Monthly “all hands” meeting with a remote team

IMG_1537Team meetup in Savannah – Nathan couldn’t make the trip so we skyped him in

2015-04-13 17.20.48Scavenger hunt during Savanah meetup

Chargify L1 Support teamSuzanne, Director of Customer Success, training our Tier 1 support team

IMG_2406Organizing quarterly priorities with our business coach in Key West

IMG_3603Opening conspiracy Santa gifts via Zoom

As 2016 is upon us, we already see a theme emerging: Convergence & Clarity

In the new year, we will bring new ease-of-use to our already powerful platform. Our app holds amazing data about your subscriber base, so we’ll help open up insights to that data so you can make better decisions about your business. 2016 is already off to a great start with the beta release of Sales Reports – learn more and request early access. We’ll narrow our focus to make sure we continue to provide the best tool to run recurring billing for Software-as-a-Service businesses.

Happy New Year!
– Lance Walley, Co-Founder & CEO, Chargify