2014 was a great year at Chargify, and we could not have done it without you!

Looking back, everything headed strongly in the right direction in 2014:

  • The number of businesses we serve (thousands)
  • The number of consumers they serve (millions)
  • The value in dollars/currency handled (hundreds of millions)
  • The types of functionality our customers needed & received from us
  • The types of payments we support
  • The daily hassles we eliminated for our customers
  • The growth of our team, serving you from the USA, Australia (pictured above), and Brazil
  • The financial foundation of Chargify, built on continuous profits & growing savings

This is not to say that we satisfied every need. There are still many good features that we will roll out in 2015. And there are even good ideas that we simply won’t address out of a desire to focus.

One Picture No Longer Works

We can no longer get everyone in one place!

Some of you know that we are a remote team, spread around the USA, plus Australia and Brazil. We have small clusters of people in Sacramento, California; in Raleigh, North Carolina; and just north of Miami, Florida. Everyone else works solo in towns from coast to coast.

Several times a year, various parts of the Chargify team gather in one place. The picture below was one of our 2014 gatherings – in Vail, Colorado (pro tip: resort towns are very affordable in the off season).


In 2014, we added top-notch people in almost every part of Chargify:

  • Support
  • System Operations
  • Software Development
  • Sales
  • Marketing

While all of those areas are important, the first 3 are areas that our customers really feel directly, so that’s where we focus most of our budget:

We grew our Support team so they could handle 8,500 written tickets and 2,000 hours on the phone. The team received a 97% satisfaction rating, and some long-term customers have developed friendships with the team. 8,500 tickets and 2,000 hours on the phone… time well spent. (With some companies, you’re lucky if you can even find a phone number.)

System Operations grew similarly. We added Australian sys-ops to balance our our US sys-ops, so we get nearly ’round-the-clock awake time. This team has a lot of responsibility, planning and implementing everything to keep you and your customers happy even as everything we do grows and grows. It’s hard to believe sometimes, but keeping consumers in mind, literally millions of people depend on this team.

Our Software Development team grew, too. We added people in Brazil and Texas. The team is doing a great job, and we continue to look for new team members to satisfy your needs and to make our software more elegant. Both things – functionality and elegance – never stop evolving.

To round things out, we grew Sales and we started a Marketing team. Our sales process is 100% in-bound, which means people contact us, wondering if Chargify fits their needs. We keep hiring friendly & bright people to answer complex questions. As for Marketing, we had no marketing team until a few months ago, when we hired our first Director of Marketing. (His first project: getting our new branding and website out by the end of 2014.)

New Functionality in 2014

I went back through our 2014 blog posts, and wow, we added a lot of functionality. Except for the last 3 posts shown far below, all of these things make your business better:

There is so much that we take for granted today that didn’t exist a year ago. That makes us very happy, because our success is connected so closely with yours.

Looking at 2015

2015 is starting out as another great year. We have many great developments lined up, and we never stop collecting input from our customers.

Thanks for making it all possible!

— Lance Walley, co-founder/CEO