We haven’t done a blog post in a little while about the many small things that Santa’s Helpers are always busy developing in Santa’s Workshop at Chargify.

Lots of little things are always being added, and they usually appear on our Changelog.

Here are all 11 new things that have been quietly added to Chargify over 6 weeks from Halloween until now.

Entries shown with a small Christmas Tree will probably interest the greatest number of merchants.

[December 5]
• New ‘refund_success’ and ‘refund_failure’ events / webhooks.
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[December 2]
• Your customers can now update their On/Off and Quantity Component allocations in the the Customer Self-Service Portal.

• Define your own name/term for Statements and Invoices.
If your business, market, or country needs Statements and Invoices be called something else, you can define the term on the Settings page under the ‘Statements’ and ‘Invoice Billing’ tabs.

[November 25]
• Dynamic fields / variables from our email templates were added to Statement and Invoice memo fields.
Now you can add all sorts of personal/account-specific info to each of your customers’ statements and invoices.

[November 18]
• Greatly expanded list of dynamic fields / variables available in the body of these emails: signup, receipt, dunning, and expiration.
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[November 12]
• We improved the way the Chargify Direct signups endpoint handles the redirect URI.
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[November 7]
• Per-product settings for “end of trial” and “upcoming renewal” emails.
Select exactly which products generate these emails.

[November 5]
• Added “customer_organization” to Transactions CSV file export.
• Individual customer Self-Service Portal link now available via API and admin control panel.
more info here and here
• Added “product_price_in_cents” and “product_version_number” to Subscription API.
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[October 28]
• Per-product settings for coupon field.
Select exactly which products show the coupon field on their respective Hosted Signup Page.

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