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The Subscription Metrics 8 Top SaaS Companies Obsess Over & Why

With the recent release of our subscription analytics and reporting tools, we’ve been thinking a lot about the most important metrics a SaaS company should track. There are so many options, it is easy for companies to get lost in a sea of SaaS metrics. The most successful companies narrow their focus onto a few key metrics, though those narrower set of metrics will be different for every company. Which got us wondering about top SaaS companies and which metrics they track. So we asked! We reached out directly and asked SaaS leaders:
“What are the 1 or 2 key Saas metrics your company obsesses over and why?”

The Secrets Behind MacStadium’s 5000% Growth Rate

This blog post is part of our Customer Spotlight series. Throughout the series we highlight Chargify merchants and the lessons learned as they grow their subscription-based business. In the past 3 years, MacStadium has experienced a more than 5000% growth rate. I’m rarely speechless, but I admit to emitting a jaw-dropping silence the first time…

How Earth Class Mail Pivoted From Bankruptcy To Massive Growth

Earth Class Mail Customer Spotlight Chargify

Let’s face it…receiving, sorting through, and distributing postal mail is a pain. And with the rise of remote and distributed teams, sometimes it isn’t even possible. Earth Class Mail was created to alleviate that pain, but it’s become that and so much more. While many businesses today embrace ideas such as going paperless and efficiency for…

Chargify’s QuickBooks Online Integration Streamlines Accounting For Subscription Businesses

When it comes to accounting and financial reporting, there is no room for error. If numbers are off, accounts won’t reconcile and reports won’t be accurate. The completeness of these reports are heavily dependent on the underlying transactional data found in your billing system. Chargify solves the complexities of recurring billing for subscription-based businesses. QuickBooks…

Subscriber & Churn Analytics: Visibility Into The Health Of Your Customer Base

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work building the architecture needed to provide accurate, insightful analytics for subscription businesses. In January we rolled out Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Analytics followed by Revenue Retention Analytics in February. Today we’re happy to announce two more analytics views added to Chargify’s arsenal of insights – Subscriber…

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