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Fighting Back: 10 Ways To Prevent Recurring Billing Chargebacks

prevent recurring billing chargebacks

Many of you reading this blog weren’t even alive in 1968 when a piece of legislation passed giving rise to something that costs businesses billions every year. That piece of legislation is the “Truth In Lending Act” (TLA) which includes the Fair Credit Billing Act that gives consumers the right to dispute and correct credit card billing errors. Don’t get…

Delayed Referral Credits To Accommodate Free Plans & Trials


Last year we released a referral feature that has helped hundreds of Chargify merchants drive thousands of new signups. While the feature has been well received, there was an important use case that was not originally supported, until today – delayed referral credits… Delayed referral credits have been added to support merchants that offer free…

Are Multiple API Keys Better Than One? You Betcha!


If you do not know what an API is or use Chargify’s API, the following announcement may not excite you. But if you do use Chargify’s API, we think you’ll be pretty excited to hear about our recent improvement – multiple API keys! Not only have we added the support for multiple API keys, but…

Configuring Multiple Webhook Endpoints Now Available


Webhooks are an extremely important tool for many of our merchants. Configuring webhooks allows Chargify to “speak” to external tools/services by posting subscription and billing related events out when they happen. Thousands of integrations are driven by webhooks in Chargify. Previously, you could add multiple webhook endpoints, but you could only configure webhooks events at a…

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