The Foundation For Success

Experiment with different recurring billing models to align your pricing strategy with how customers consume your products. Optimize offers for revenue growth so billing gives you a competitive edge.

Billing scenarios Venn diagram of subscription, usage based and one-time.

Over One Million Possible Permutations

Dozens of billing models that can be customized based on your needs provides unlimited ways to monetize your offer portfolio. If you can imagine it, we can bill it.

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Create freemium offers to drive traffic, increase adoption, and boost upsell opportunities.

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Offer free or paid trial periods based on any duration of days or months.

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Charge a one-time setup fee on signup
or after a trial period expires.

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Billing Frequencies

Configure any offer to renew annually, quarterly, monthly, or define custom periods.

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Targeted Promotions

Leverage targeted promotions to drive new acquisition and retain existing customers.

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One-time Charges

Add a one-time charge to any
subscription at any time.

Created with Sketch. Bronze Plan $1000 /per year or $100 month-to-month Unlimited Custom 24/7 Customer Support Powerful Analytics SSL Security Start Free Trial

Fixed-Price Subscription Pricing

The simplest and most common recurring billing model. Simply define the recurring price and billing frequency.

Example: A product costs $100/month or $1,000/year with an annual plan.

Usage-Based Pricing

Usage-based pricing aligns monetization with how customers actually consume your products and services.
It also offers a vast array of scalable pricing schemes.


Bill based on the subscribed quantity such as particular the
number of user licenses/seats, number of contacts, etc.

Created with Sketch. Professional License $40 /per year Per User/Per Month 25 Free Images 500 GBs of Cloud Storage 24/7 Customer Support Premium Fonts Create an Account


Bill for any type of unit that resets to zero at the end of the
billing period such as minutes used or data transferred.

Created with Sketch. $0.10 /GB Per Month Cloud Storage Pricing Estimated pricing based on usage: 0 GB 16TB 2000 GB $200.00 Create an Account
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Per Unit Usage-Based Pricing

The simplest pricing scheme where you charge the same amount per unit, independent of quantity. Whether a customer buys one or 100 units, they will always pay the same price per unit.

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Volume Usage-Based Pricing

Multiple price brackets where the price per unit for all units is determined by the quantity. For example, a customers pays $50/unit for 10 units or $40/unit for 15 units.

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Tiered Usage-Based Pricing

Multiple price brackets define the price at different quantity levels. For example, a customer will always pay $50/unit for the first 10 units, $40/unit for units 11-20, etc.

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Stair-Step Usage-Based Pricing

Multiple price brackets where pricing is based on a range instead of per unit costs. For example, the first 50 emails are free, 51-1,000 emails cost $99/month, etc.

Hybrid Pricing

Combine multiple billing models to create hybrid pricing aimed at maximizing revenue growth.

Two-Part Tariff Pricing

For example, a payment gateway charges 2.9%
of revenue plus $0.30 per transaction.

Created with Sketch. Pay as you go Per successful Card Charge $2.9% + 30¢ Create an Account No setup, monthly, or hidden fees Pay only for what you use Real-time fee reporting

Three-Part Tariff Pricing

For example, a payment gateway charges a $50/month base
fee plus 2.9% of revenue plus $0.30 per transaction.

Created with Sketch. Fraud Protection Point of Sale Mobile App 24/7 Support $50 2.9% 30¢ Create an Account Base Charge Per Month Per Transaction Per Transaction

À La Carte Pricing

Provide a variety of products or services and allow customers to select the desired "bundle" based on their needs.

Example: A technology provider offers computing products and hosting services that can be purchased à la carte or as bundled offers.

Created with Sketch. Order Summary Hex Core CPU RAM (DDR3 ECC) Storage Location Operating System $89 $210 $299 Elite Plus Hosting Mac Pro Server 6C 16/256 Total Monthly MAC PRO | 3.5GHz E5-1620v 16 GB 1866MHz 256 GB Flash North America (San Antonio, TX) Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Order Now!
Created with Sketch. 3 Static IP Addresses Order Summary 1 website, 100 GB Storage, and Unlimited Bandwidth Economy Hosting Static IP Addresses Amount Due Now $100/yr $5/mo $105 Order Now!

Multi-Frequency Pricing

Associate multiple subscriptions to any single customer. This allows for unique billing scenarios where customers need to be billed for multiple subscriptions at different billing intervals.

Example: A hosting company charges $100/year for hosting and $5/month per static IP address.

Minimum or Maximum Pricing

A sophisticated pricing model that is based on the greater or lesser of two distinct pricing variables. Best when a price floor or ceiling needs to be established.

Example: A marketing company charges the greater of $1,000/mo or 2.0% of media spend.

Created with Sketch. Media Placement Plan 50+ Advertising Mediums Creative Assistance Account Executive Money Back Guarantee of media spending $1,000/month minimum* 2% Donate Now
Created with Sketch. Enter an Amount to Give Per Month $99 Donate Now

Custom Pricing

Customized recurring charges for each customer. Each pricing scenario can be defined internally (set custom price) or externally (name your price).

Example: A B2B business offers an Enterprise package where pricing and features are customized based on the end customer’s needs.

Split-Amount Pricing

Define a certain dollar or percentage amount to be billed upfront and the remaining balance is collected once the product or service is delivered.

Example: A weekly meal prep services charges 50% upfront and the remaining 50% upon delivery.

Created with Sketch. Week of February 19th Order Summary Beef Medallions & Scallion Salsa Verde with Potatoes & Broccoli Greek Chicken with Olive Tapenade & Creamy Orzo Ginger Pork Meatballs with Cabbage & Jasmine Rice Harissa-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks with Potato Wedges & Zucchini Jalapeño Cheeseburgers with Carrot Fries Due Now Due Upon Delivery Total Cost $100 $100 $100 Order Now!
Created with Sketch. Order Summary One-Time License Key Fee Software Updates 24/7 Support 100 GB Cloud Storage Annually $99 $49 Buy Now

Perpetual License Pricing

Collect a one-time upfront payment followed by recurring “maintenance and support” fees.

Example: Software costs $200 to download and $49/year for continued updates and access to support.