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Subscription Analytics & Insights

Quickly understand the health of your subscription business with
concise reporting and analytics. Turn insights into growth levers.

Monthly Recurring Revenue Movement

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of a subscription-based business. Chargify’s MRR analytics provide a clear view into the composition of MRR movements (e.g., new business, expansion, contraction, churn, and reactivation) and net MRR growth.

And since Chargify is the system of record for your subscription customers and revenue related events, we are uniquely positioned to understand when, what, and why revenue changes are happening.

Subscriber Growth

Keep a close on the health of your customer base, a.k.a. your “subscribers.” See movements of paying subscribers that convert (new business), come back (reactivate), and cancel (churn) that make up your net subscriber growth. A visual snapshot shows breakdowns and historical trends for any given period of time.

Churn Analysis

Deeply understand all the various churn numbers, rates, and calculations that impact subscription businesses—all from one intuitive, easy to digest view. Quickly access and analyze:

  • Subscriber Churn
  • MRR Churn
  • Gross MRR Churn
  • Net MRR Churn

Retention cohorts show retention for 12 months after signup. Toggle between MRR or subscribers retained to understand the impact of churn over time.

Chargify's subscription analytics are amazing! They’re much better than what we previously spent considerable time and money to build.

Finance Reporting

Eliminate the need for time intensive ad hoc reporting to consolidate total revenue, define the subcategories of revenue, and reconcile all transactions at the end of the month. Your finance and accounting team will love the granular view into:

  • Total Revenue: All the subcategories of sales, discounts, and credits/voids that make up total revenue
  • Total Billed: Total Revenue plus applicable taxes
  • Payments: Understand all payments collected vs. expected vs. uncollected
  • Net Revenue: Total revenue minus any refunds towards previously received payments

Revenue Retention Analysis

Get insights into the effectiveness of your revenue recovery strategy (a.k.a “dunning”) . Constantly optimize your efforts to maximize results. Get visibility into:

  • At-risk subscriptions that have entered dunning
  • Revenue successfully recovered
  • Revenue lost
  • Dunning effectiveness cohorts

Tax History Reporting

Chargify’s Avalara integration automates calculating and collecting sales tax. When enabled, the Tax History Report breaks down the subcomponents of taxes by each tax type, jurisdiction, rate, and amount providing a comprehensive report into all things taxes.

You can also view taxes charged against taxes collected and export the report for data manipulation and record keeping.

Data Exports

Filter and sort customer, subscription, and transactional data from within Chargify’s interface. Export any view in a CSV format for deeper analysis.

All set? Let’s get started.