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Chargify has built a strong, sustainable company in a short amount of time. It took just three short years from conceptualization to profitability, and we continue to grow and improve.

In 2009, the founders of Grasshopper saw the need for an online service to help businesses manage their recurring-revenue customers. Chargify started out as a team within Grasshopper — small and focused on the core needs of our early users.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, we grew our team, our features, and matched our pricing to our increasingly advanced product. Those initial years moved quickly, and our main focus was finding the right markets for our product while focusing on the necessity of emerging as a profitable company.

In 2011, we received an investment from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the investors on the TV show “Shark Tank.” Mark’s investment helped us push forward just a bit ahead of revenues. At that time, we formed Chargify LLC as a separate company from Grasshopper.

We continued to build new features, and in 2012, we reached profitability with a nice portion of the initial capital from Mark still at hand. This is, of course, an important milestone because profitability and sustainability are essential for a stable business that our investors, clients, and consumers can trust.

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Our Team

Lance Walley

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Klett

Co-Founder & CTO

Siamak Taghaddos

Co-Founder & Advisor

David Hauser

Co-Founder & Advisor

Drew Blas

Director of Technical Operations

Nathan Verni

Director of Development

Adam Feber

Director of Marketing

Suzanne Gedney

Director of Customer Success

Andrew Snow

Operations Engineer

Zac Clay

Operations Engineer

Eric Farkas

Software Developer

Marcelo DePolli

Software Developer

David Cole

Software Developer

Bob Orchard

Product Designer

Kate Harvey

Content & Search Marketing Manager

Kayla VanBaak
Kayla VanBaak

Customer Success - Billing Specialist

Matthew Meo
Matthew Meo

Customer Success - Billing Specialist

Wendy Smoak

Customer Success - Tier 3

Robert Babcock

Customer Success - Tier 2

Kori Francis

Customer Support Advocate

Keith Kacin
Keith Kacin

Customer Success - Tier 2

Britton Gwaltney
Britton Gwaltney

Salesforce Specialist

Riki Crusha


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