About Us

For over 10 years, Chargify has enabled thousands of businesses to manage the recurring revenue lifecycle. Our vision is to become recognized by our customers as the indispensable system for running a subscription business.

Our Story

In 2009, the founders of Grasshopper saw the need for a service to help SaaS businesses manage their recurring revenue customers. Chargify started out as a team within Grasshopper — focused on the core needs of recurring billing.

In 2011, Chargify received an investment from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the investors on the TV show “Shark Tank.” Mark’s investment allowed Chargify to form as a separate company from Grasshopper and achieve profitability in 2012.

Over the past decade, Chargify has expanded its offerings to address the complexities of the entire subscription lifecycle: Recurring Billing. Subscription Management. Revenue Retention. Business Analytics. Revenue Operations.

Chargify Shield

In 2016, Chargify was acquired by Scaleworks, a SaaS holding company. Scaleworks understood how critical billing and revenue management is for modern businesses, how other toolsets are not sufficient for the subscription business model, and how Chargify solved pain points across their portfolio of companies.

Chargify combines great technology, subscription expertise, and a customer service ethos to solve real-world problems and is committed to becoming the operating system for your subscription business.

Learn more about our best-in-market solutions by visiting our Product Overview:

Product Overview

Our Leadership

Paul Lynch Chief Executive Officer

Paul Lynch
Paul’s background is in business development and growth acceleration. He has held leadership roles across Telco, Hosting and Software-as-a-Service. Paul lives in San Antonio, Texas but hails from Dublin, Ireland. Over the previous twenty years, Paul has lead or founded businesses to successful exits to Dada PLC, Sungard AS, HGGC backed Idera and successful IPO’s onto the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) on the London Stock Exchange. Prior to Chargify, Paul guided Assembla Inc. from a struggling subversion version control business to a successful exit, growing the business by over 200% in a period of fewer than three years. Paul’s business ethos is all about delivering business success through proactive customer service and targeted/accountable sales. Paul is married with three young children.

Michael Klett Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Klett
Michael has been building things on the web since 1995. He spent his early career as a hardware engineer designing circuit boards at Alcatel and processors at IBM. Michael returned to software (and the web!) in 2007 after discovering Ruby on Rails. Michael holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering from NC State University. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, and brewing beer. He lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife and two kids.

Karen Schmelzer VP of Client Services

Karen Schmelzer
Karen brings with her 20 years of operational, leadership and customer service experience in the technology industry. She has led the transformation of new service delivery organizations into world-class capabilities and builds highly functional, engaged teams. Her background extends across multiple disciplines including compliance, business development and organizational change.

Nathan Verni VP of Development

Nathan Verni
After spending many years building full-stack web applications at an award winning interactive agency in Brooklyn, Nathan came to Chargify in early 2010 to focus on building and supporting a single product. Nathan values small, passionate teams that are dedicated to the customer’s overall user experience with a product. Nathan graduated with a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Syracuse University. Outside of Chargify, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading the classics, and playing bass.

Gary Amaral VP of Marketing

Gary Amaral
Gary brings over 15 years of experience working with clients and employers in Tech, Financial Services, Retail, Pharma and more. Passionate about truly integrated marketing strategy and execution. Beautiful creative, brand messages that ring true and innovative tactics bring a smile to his face. That smile quickly turns to a frown when works of marketing art fall flat because they were driven by gut instinct and not the endless data points available to every marketer. When not working Gary loves the company of family and friends. He is also an avid traveler, voracious consumer of media and adores great food.

Barrow Hamilton VP of Product

Barrow Hamilton
Barrow is passionate about creating products which most help customers get done what they want to get done. Prior to joining Chargify, Barrow lead product development at AllClear ID, creating products to protect consumer identities and solutions to increase identity protection capabilities for the company's clients. In his career he has also lead teams focused on developing customer solutions at Accenture, AT&T, and Rackspace, Barrow enjoys time with his family, music, sports, and learning about new ideas for solving things with software.

Mike Brown VP of Global Sales

Mike Brown
Mike brings an extensive background of over 30 years of roles of increasing leadership in operations, technology, customer service, sales, and cloud services as an senior executive. Prior to Chargify, Mike led the DoD enterprise sales and operations team at AtHoc - a division of Blackberry. During his time there he directly impacted the organization’s bottom line closing deals valued at over $100M and directing efforts that increased customer satisfaction rates and renewals. He started his career in the United States Air Force, as a fighter pilot, working his way to Chief Compliance Office for Air Education and Training Command leading programs to create more efficient results during inspection cycles and defining priorities within the organization. Mike has a BBA in Computer Systems from Ohio University, an MAS from Embry-Riddle, and a MA from the Naval War College. Mike lives in San Antonio with his wife and son and enjoys cycling and playing his guitar.
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